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Affixed Oxygen Nano-bubbles

Our Processed and oxygenated pure water contains a concentration of dissolved oxygen much higher than normal tap water. In production it reaches more than 100 mg per liter dissolved oxygen and 46 million affixed oxygen Nano-bubbles per ml are produced.



Affixed Oxygen Nano-bubbles Characteristics

  • Average diameter about 18 to 120 nm, 46 million of Oxygen Nano-bubbles particles per ml.

  • High surface area to volume unit ratio (more than 400 times the surface area of a micro-bubble  (increased mass transfer, ensuring that virtually all oxygen is delivered to the water).

  • Strong surface charge.

  • High negative Zeta potential (confers stability).

  • Minimum coalescence (suspension resists to agglomeration).

  • Brownian movement.

  • Neutral buoyancy (remain in suspension in the water for weeks or even months).

  • Homogeneous distribution of oxygen throughout the water column.

  • Greater Exclusion Zone (EZ). (Area in contact with all surfaces, Dr. G. Pollack describes a

    modified water molecule able to facilitate its absorption, the cellular reactions and the metabolism).

  • Modify the surface tension, viscosity (at 21°C, water: 0.93 ; TGS water : 0.63 mPa-s) and Density.

  • Act as reserve of oxygen in the solution. (maintaining high levels of dissolved oxygen).

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