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Inhibiting any type of infection with blood Super Nano-Oxygenation


Our scientists have observed the impact of Nano-bubbles of oxygen on respiratory illnesses and have simply tried to boost the Nano-bubble Oxygen content as a remedy against infections. The conclusion is promising: many infections are sensitive and greatly impaired by the presence of oxidant gases (O2 or O3). Techniques are needed to add Nano-bubble Oxygen enriched fluids in patients. TEG technologies is the only advanced science that integrates oxygen in a fixed state creating a Nano-bubble Oxygen (average size between 15 to 110 nm) which has proven to be highly successful in replenishing oxygen in the body. Our astonishing discovery shows the passing of oxygen through blood brain barrier, which could be revolutionary in treatment of many illnesses.

Blood Nano-Oxygen

Most bacteria, viruses, parasites that cause infections live in an anaerobic environment. The presence of oxygen prevents, disturbs and/or inactivates their development. Different types of viruses are a good example. Viruses unlike mammalian cells, have no enzymatic protection against oxidative stress1. Depending on the virus (MERS-CoV has an envelope2), the attack of oxygen (oxidation) alters the original protein mechanisms that are used by the organism to hook onto its host (peplomer) to protect (envelop) itself or to reproduce itself (RNA or DNA). Scientific studies on HIV or similar viruses like the Ebola virus or H1N1 and subsequent mutations in H5N1 and H7N1 concluded that the said viruses thrive in patients with respiratory diseases, which reduce their capacity to accumulate oxygen in the blood and by consequence in tissues. Oxygen deprivation is linked to the contamination caused by those viruses, which instinctively attack the pulmonary system and lead to the death of the patient.

Solving the unresolved

Evidence shows that keeping a high level of oxidizing gases in the blood would significantly reduce the impact of viruses, bacteria and infections. It is an avenue to consider very seriously. The solution is to bring more “free” Nano-bubble Oxygen into the blood. But when the respiratory system is deficient, this proves to be difficult. Indeed, so far, current technologies have failed to achieve this.

In contrast, TGS is proposing an alternative method to boost the integration of gases in the blood and provide the anticipated benefits to fight infections.

What we can do

​The current situation caused by the pandemic is critical. There are no current curative treatments for the infection and a vaccine qualification process is long, has limitations, and is of great cost for developing countries.

The need for an effective treatment is still very present. And even if the current crisis ceases, the deficiency of anti-biotics as an exemple,  will continue to represent a global health threat for humankind. The opportunity to supply patients and the medical community with a simple and highly effective treatment in a short time is feasible and we firmly believe that it can be done at a very affordable cost.

In addition, our process can be applied at different stages of the epidemic, which a vaccine – in contrast – cannot.


We can:

  • provide a cure for infected patients, with a simple IV method,

  • prevent the disease by boosting the immune system of health practitioners,

  • decontaminate the infected environment with a spray of the solution, along with the proper amount of gas mixed at the proper bio-frequency  thus inhibit the spreading of the disease.

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